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Mar 26, 2007 12:18 PM
Lost Highway review REPOST
check this shit, i just returned from jason adams art show,
yeah it was awesome, i met some rad peeps as well as seen some of the others i love. for real, i love this shit. our culture is the most insane ever. there were dudes known as the bastard and dirtbags from near and far, but the bottom line is, this was a celebration of our culture. we believe in the kid and his contribution to the culture is awesome. most of the heads in attendance believe in skateboarding and it's culture. we have always supported this idea on many levels. think about it, skateboarders look at the word in a different way, we see it as an opportunity or as something rip apart as well as appreciate. we look at things like artists and creative thinkers, we like to see what the world has to offer. fuck the bullshit, if you want to live fully you need to support you brothers and sisters of the struggle. this is what gives us our collective strength. we see that it is possible and are inspired by our peers, who else has the balls to live like this? ...very few! challenge me on this! certaian skate, music and artistic heads are the ones that show what is possible. skate more than anyone else. behold this and embrace that we not only have this freedom but we have the support of our peers. the world is ours, lliterally. fuck living within the confines of a standard typical society. one of my boys said it best " the ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do" or some shit like that. for real, we pave the way for humanity, don't be afraid to think and move forward. we only have this life to live. live fully, fuck what people expect, live for today, live for the progression of our culture, live for a life worth living. fuck the status quo. i am hammered, but i know you know where i am coming from, if not go fuck yourself. i'm out!


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